Red Wine

Trivento Amado Sur Malbec

Trivento Amado Sur MalbecTrivento Amado Sur Malbec

72% Malbec
16% Bonarda
12% Syrah

Mendoza, Argentina


Producer Notes

Amado Sur is a deep red wine with dark blue tones and aromas of dark fruit combining with notes of black pepper, anise, cinnamon and chocolate. Lush flavors of plums and berries give way to velvety tannins and a persistent and pleasant finish.

While never reaching its full potential in France, the Malbec grape chanced upon generous terroir in South America. Among the foothills of the Andes Mountains, Malbec has grown into the fullest expression of decadence, developing a rich character only found in the “beloved south”, or Amado Sur. Distinctly South American, this perfect blend of Malbec, Bonarda, and Syrah come together to form the lovable and engaging blend, Amado Sur.

Enjoy Amado Sur with rich dishes and roasted meats including lamb, beef, and pork. This wine also marries well with spicy, fruit-based sauces and sides.

WineChump Notes

Continuing on my Malbec odyssey, I picked this one up recently and found it to be a good contender.  Not in the league of the Fabre Montmayou “Pretty” Malbec, but knocking at the door.  I snagged it on sale for $12.99, but the average price is $17.99

Average Price: $17.99
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