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Paso Creek Merlot

Paso Creek


Paso Robles


Notes from the Producer


Paso Creek’s bold, juicy, full-bodied and densely flavored wines provide a glimpse into the heartland of America through the stubborn patience of the winemaking and vineyard teams, who wrestle the true expression of Paso out of this uniquely challenging environment.

Located off the Central Coast, between Santa Barbara and San Francisco, the Paso Robles Appellation is noted for the most dramatic temperature swings of any California Appellation. This climate variation causes the vines to produce small clusters and tiny berries resulting in high-quality, deeply concentrated wines. Small-lot winemaking and patient barrel aging complete the winemaking picture and enhance the robust and bold character that is Paso Creek Merlot.

Rating: 84 (WE)

Average Price: $14.99