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Cooper & Thief Brandy Barrel Pinot Noir

Cooper & Thief Brandy Barrel Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir (Aged in Brandy Barrels)



Cooper & Thief Pinot Noir offers bright red fruit aromas with jammy, cherry flavors blended with spiced notes from our brandy barrels. Crafted by Cooper & Thief’s cellarmaster, Chris Leamy, Pinot Noir is aged in brandy barrels for 75 days, which gives way to a lush mouthfeel and oak notes accompanied by salted caramel and delicious baking spice flavors.

Varietal Composition

82% Pinot Noir, 4% Petite Sirah, 4% Petit Verdot, Balance: Tannat, Alicante Bouschet, and other red varietals

Alcohol: 16%

WineChump Notes

The brandy-barrel fermentation really introduces some exotic aspects to this wine. It’s very well worth the average $22 price to get one of these and experience it. But don’t be fooled — Cooper & Thief try to tell us that one bottle serves six glasses! They haven’t seen the size of our pours, now have they? Expect this to quench your wine wanderlust with a friend.

Find this at Lowes Foods and Total Wine for about $22.