Red Wine

Catena Malbec

Catena Malbec

100% Malbec blended from multiple vineyards

Mendoza, Argentina


Winemaker Notes

The Catena family has conducted extensive research into the soils and microclimates of Mendoza’s high altitude wine country in the foothills of the Andes mountains. At different altitudes, the family’s Malbec vineyards express a unique profile of aromas and flavors: the ripe plum fruit flavors and silky texture of the Angelica vineyard (3018 ft elevation); the dark fruit character and pepper notes of the La Pirámide vineyard (3117 ft elevation); the black cherry aromas and excellent structure of the La Consulta vineyard (3593 ft elevation); the explosive floral aromatics full, concentrated mouthfeel of the Adrianna vineyard (4757 ft). The blend of these components creates a wine of unique character that has balance, concentration and a strong varietal identity.

WineChump Notes

I’ve been on a Malbec kick ever since having the luxurious Fabre Montmayou “Pretty” Malbec we featured last year.  The Catena, from Mendoza, Argentina, is a formidable contender.  With a plum  and cherry nose and a finish with a hint of toast, it’s absolutely one not to pass up.

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