Red Wine

Tokar Estate Carafe & Tumbler

Tokar Estate

Carafe & Tumbler

Pinot Noir Shiraz


Producer Notes

Inspired by the casual dining in the cafes of Europe, enjoying the plate of the day whilst sipping wine from a tumbler, occasionally topping up from the carafe. Although the wine itself was worthy of a win glass, the informal approach to serving it suggested the wine was a natural and essential part of the meal. 870 dozen were made of this vintage.

WineChump Notes

I have never had a Pinot Noir blended with Shiraz. Ever. Hadn’t even thought about it. But last year, I went to Australia and visited the Yarra Valley, stopping in at Tokar Estate. A delightful winery with some very interesting wines, Tokar specialized in the “different.” This was no exception, and the nose with the finish were unparalleled. I bought this in February of 2019 directly from the winery, so I’m not sure it’s available outside. However, for AU$25, it was well-worth trying. The other Tokar wines were quite good as well, so our recommendation is you pick-up anything you can find from Tokar and give it a try. We don’t think you can go wrong.

Find the Pinot/Shiraz at the Tokar Winery
Average price (at the winery): AU$25