Red Wine

Terlato Syrah 2008

Terlato Syrah 2008

Terlato Syrah, Block #9

100% Syrah

Dry Creek Valley


Winemaker’s Notes

Block 9 is a section of our Dry Creek Valley Estate vineyard that is near the confluence of the Dry Creek and Russian Rivers. The soil is largely gravel deposits mingled with river sediments. The poor soil and lack of water contribute to vines which produce intense fruit with a lot of complexity. The climate is warm during the day and cool in the evening; much like it is in the northern Rhone Valley. It is this type of weather pattern that produces great Syrah. The warm sun increases the skin color while the cool nights help retain the natural acidity. The vineyard is planted to ENTAV Syrah clone #877. ENTAV is the world’s most respected authority on grape vines and clone #877 is their best performing Syrah. 877 is known for being a modest bearer, with loose clusters. The low yield, small berries and dark color contribute to its reputation for making complex Syrah with good aging potential. We ferment the grapes using traditional methods; open top fermenters which are punched down three times per day. It is this punch down method that extracts all the possible color and flavor without making the wine tannic. After fermentation, we use only the free run juice to make the Terlato Block 9 Syrah. The free run is then aged for 20 months in 225 L French oak barrels. Racked as needed, the young wine is steered through the aging process to produce a wine with intense berry and spice aromas, and flavors of dark stone fruit. After bottling, the wine is bottle-aged for a minimum of two years to develop bottle bouquet. It is this style of Syrah that is sought after by collectors around the world. Enjoy the wine now or enjoy it in 10 or 15 years.

WineChump Notes

This was a beautiful Syrah brought to our house by my cousin and his wife.  This was offered in Pennsylvania as a selection from the “Chairman’s Selection” group of wines; and I must say, they chose an excellent wine.  While in the French tradition, this Syrah is full-bodied and luscious.  The Block #9 is one of the better Syrah’s we’ve tasted from California in recent years.

Average Price: $26.99