Red Wine

Spice Route Chakalaka

Spice Route ChakalakaSpice Route Chakalaka

37% Syrah,
21% Mourvedre,
18% Carignan,
10% Petite Syrah,
10% Grenache,
4% Tannat

South Africa


Producer Notes

Spice Route’s signature style has always been robust, spicy red wines, rich in character and certain to enhance every occasion. This blend of red varietals represents a fusion of flavours, as does the unique, spicy South African relish from which Chakalaka takes its name. South Africa’s past has brought together many different cultures, creating today’s “Rainbow Nation” of which we are justly proud. Chakalaka shares this heritage… the relish being a complex blend of flavours known to lift the spirits when enjoyed with our traditional foods, as we are confident this fine wine will do when paired with your favourite dishes.

WineChump Notes

I was in the mood for a mixed case of wines I hadn’t heard of, when I came across Chakalaka.  Among the mixed case, I’d selected one Chakalaka along with singles of other wines that caught my eye.  Chakalaka is from Spice Route, which puts out some really nice wines from South Africa.  I made a mistake, though: I didn’t buy two!

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