Red Wine

R Wines Little “r” Cabernet

R Wines Little “r” Cabernet

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Barossa Valley


Winemaker’s Notes

R Wines was founded in 2005 by partners Dan Philips, and Chris Ringland. Chris is one of world’s leading and most gifted winemakers. He leads teams of winemakers and viticulturalists managing vineyards Australia wide. R Wines that make it to the shelf are not merely sound and well-made, but are stylish, compelling, hand-crafted and peerlessly delicious. We believe that what goes on the bottle is as important as what goes in the bottle and work with world-class designers to create innovative, loud, brilliant labels that speak to consumers in ways unique to the wine world..

WineChump Notes

This is another beauty from Dan Phillips/Chris Ringland R Wines and Grateful Palate.  We’ve tasted this one’s big brother, Big R, and we think that Little “r” is a good alternative.

Average Price: $12.99 (if available)