Red Wine

Peter Lehmann Layers

Peter Lehmann LayersPeter Lehmann Layers

41% Shiraz
19.5% Mourvedre
18.5% Tempranillo
18% Grenache
3% Carignan

Barossa Valley, Australia


Producer Notes

Layers is a mélange of flavours drawn from five grape varieties.  Peter Lehmann has long believed the Barossa to be a winemaker’s paradise. One small region capable of producing outstanding quality wines made from a wide array of both traditional grape varieties grown in the Barossa and also many of the new and exciting varietals that have been planted here over the last few decades.  When once asked why the Barossa could make so many different wines, Peter Lehmann replied, “Because we can!” – testament to his belief that the Barossa is the best place in Australia to make wine.  We have blended three classic Barossa red varieties with two new and exciting varietals to illustrate our belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Don’t be fooled by it’s easy drinking and approachable nature, as each taste reveals another layer of subtle complexity.

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