Red Wine

Naked on Roller Skates

Naked on Roller SkatesNaked on Roller Skates

Shiraz (73%) and Mataro (27%)

McLaren Vale, Australia


Producer Notes

Some Young Punks Naked On Roller Skates is an expressive McLaren Vale blend of Shiraz and Mataro/Mouvedre with notes of musk, violets and charcuterie meats. The palate is dense with black fruits, a little quince and juniper spice.

Some Young Punks are amongst the best of a new wave of Australian winemakers hitting the world wine scene.

The Punks consist of three winemakers, Col McBryde, Jen Gardner Nic Bourke. They have adopted a wine style that is a clever blend of old world and new, using fruit at its peak of ripeness, showing a more refined approach than the overblown wines of yesteryear. They also allow for a more natural product by encouraging the use of wild yeast rather than the safer practice of inoculating the must with selected strains.

The Young Punks also take an aggressive approach to the labeling and naming of their wines, helping them to stand out even further from the crowd.

Try with hoisin sauce-smothered duck, chicken wings and spicy lamb curries.

WineChump Notes

This is the third wine from Some Young Punks we’ve had, and it compares well to the other two — The Squid’s Fist and Passion has Red Lips.  WineChump’s advice is to shop these hard — they are available in the $25-$30 range, so don’t pay too much!

Average Price: $25.99
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