Red Wine

Mountain Run Shiraz

Mountain Run Winery




Producer Notes

Big fruit notes and hints of spice and smoke framed against soft tannins and moderate oak. This is the 2015 vintage and has had an extra year to age in the bottle, meaning that the flavors are smoother and more refined than younger wines. Pairs well with red meat, strong cheeses and pasta with red sauces.

WineChump Notes

Mountain Run Winery had some of the better wines we tasted in Virginia on a weekend trip.  There were a few others, and they are listed as well.  This winery was a big surprise with both reds and whites that stood up well to California wines.  While most of the Virginia wineries featured Cabernet Franc (which does surprisingly well in this region), very few featured Shiraz (or the Syrah grape).  This was a standout, and although it was a non-vintage bottling, it was light like a Syrah from France; but it was full of beautiful vanilla from the new oak barrels it sojourned in for a few months.  Not bad.  Not bad, at all.


Best Price: $20.00