Red Wine

Marietta Old Vine Red Lot 56

Marietta Old Vine Red Lot 56

Primarily Zinfandel

Geyserville, California

No Vintage

Winemaker Notes

We have been making Old Vine Red, our proprietary Zinfandel based blend, for over three decades now. We always feel like we hit amazing consistency in the blend, but it rarely falls right into place like it did with Lot 57. Aromas of juicy and bright red fruits (cherries, raspberries, etc) are packed next to fresh plums and black currants. Some complex layers of licorice, sweet earth, and spice follow in turn. A full and rich mouth feel leads to soft textured tannins and lingering fruit flavors. The acidity picks up just enough to bring the finish home in a concise and clean fashion.

Grape Source: Primarily Sonoma and Mendocino Counties
Color: Dark Ruby Purple
Aging Potential: Best within 1-3 years

WineChump Notes

We don’t typically go for wines without a vintage, but at the recommendation of the wine steward at the Winn-Dixie (located on Florida State Road 210), I tried it.  I’ve had, and rated, several Zinfandel blends, and I have to say this one stands out.  With a bit of research, it appears the “lot” number might have a bit to do with the year, as they’re listing lot 57 on their website (  But, if this is a hint of what their other Zinfandel selections may be like, it’ll be a pleasure sampling those.

Average Price: $11
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