Red Wine

Macchia Barbera Delicious

Macchia Barbera Delicious

100% Barbera

Lodi, California


Producer Notes

Barbera arrived in California along with the early Italian immigrants.  This makes sense since it is one of the most widely-planted grapes in Italy. Known for deep colors, low tannins, and high levels of acids, it is the “Delicious” fruit that is the centerpiece of this wine, hence its name.

WineChump Notes

This was a thoroughly enjoyable wine.  Starting off with a beautiful nose of fresh plums, the mouth feel was smooth and the finish left me going back to the bottle for another pour.  I picked this up at the recommendation of the folks at Total Wine.  Barbera from Lodi ends up having a completely different character than what you might get from Italy.  I would recommend this wine for any occasion including just sitting in front of the fireplace.


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