Red Wine

Luchador Shiraz

Luchador Shiraz 2007Luchador Shiraz


South Australia


Producer Notes

Luchador was produced by the Grateful Palate (R Wines), which went into receivership in 2010 (see Wine Spectator article here).  That means these wines will sell out and possibly not be available after its vintage year (although I’ve seen this one for 2008, but not anything later).

WineChump Notes

Well, wow.  I mean, WOW!  I picked up a mixed case from B-21 (12 on 21 sale), and thought I’d try some things I hadn’t seen locally.  I opened it for a Nightmare Before Christmas party we had, and was almost sorry I had!  It was fantastic, and for $12.99, it rocks!

WineChump Update

I picked up a few bottles of this in 2014, and it’s still good; but it has peaked.  If you have any, drink them now!

Average Price: $12.99
Find it at B-21