Red Wine

Dombeya Boulder Road Shiraz

Dombeya Boulder Road Shiraz

95% Shiraz, 5% Mourvedre

Stellenbosch, South Africa


Producer Notes

Soil and Terroir: The soil consists of 10% clay with the balance medium sand to coarse gravel on a North-western slope for 2 of the blocks. The row direction is 45° West of North. Block 4 is on a flatter piece with substantial rocks. Block 8, our only South facing block, is planted in coarse gravel. Water management is done by drip irrigation.  All the grapes were harvested by hand. Two of the 3 vineyards (clone SH22B on 101-14) were in their fourth vintage and bearing much more fruit, a third vineyard (the only south facing, clone SH9 on 101- 14) was now in its third year of production and almost at full production.

Alcohol is 13.5%

WineChump Notes

This wine has been in my cave for a few years.  Honestly, I’d forgotten about it, and thought that it might have gone past its prime when I finally opened it in 2018.  Turns. out, not so.  Still vibrant, with a dark color and deep, rich flavor.  I’d recommend drinking it now, just in case it’s at its prime now. 


Best Price: $18.99