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Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon



Notes from WineChump

Okay.  There are days you are shopping for other things, say at Target, when you take a stroll down the wine aisle.  You expect nothing to  pop out at you.  And then you’re surprised!  I had heard of the Cupcake Vineyard Cabernet, but I hadn’t given it much thought.  Then, it spoke to me from the golden shelf on the wine aisle, “Hi, there!”  So, I took a gander at the shelf label.  Sub $10.  Now, you’re talking!

Well, I snapped one up with the rest of my basket of goodies including some black and bleu hamburger patties ready for the grill.  That night, I popped the plastic cork on this baby and served it up with the burgers, thinking, “why ruin a perfectly good steak if the wine was sub-par?”   Wrong was I!  Not only did  it wash well with the black & bleu burger (with grilled, white onions and Swiss cheese), but it would be a wonderful balance for any steak.  Good job, Cupcake!

Notes from the Producer

Rich and enticing, the Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon is a balance between generous profiles of fruit and oak. This full-bodied yet smooth Cabernet Sauvignon displays soft tannins, with primary fruit flavors of blackberry, dark cherry and plums. The dark fruits melt with the flavors of mocha and toasty oak before ending with a long and silky finish. This wine pairs well with baked brie drizzled with honey or petite filet mignon with a cabernet reduction sauce.


SILVER- 2010 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
SILVER- 2010 Florida State Fair Wine Competition
SILVER- 2010 Pacific Rim Wine Competition
SILVER- 2010 Monterey Wine Competition