Red Wine

Coppola Rosso & Bianco Shiraz

Coppola Rosso & Bianco Shiraz

97% Shiraz, 3% Viognier



Notes from the Producer

We source our Shiraz from two warm appellations: Paso Robles and Lodi. Because the fruit from these two regions has different characteristics, we achieve more flavor complexity by blending them together. Our Lodi fruit is particularly unique because the vineyards there receive no irrigation. We add small amounts of Viognier to our Shiraz to elicit delicate floral qualities and enhance the wine’s fragrance. This technique originated in France long ago but it now used frequently in Australia and the U.S. Both French and American oak barrels are used for added complexity; French oak contributing notes of vanilla, and American oak accentuating the spice nuances which Shiraz is known for.

WineChump Notes

This was a pleasant surprise.  The Rosso & Bianco Shiraz offers a bright fruit nose and hints of oak with vanilla and toast notes on the palate.  This is a New World wine, exhibiting substantially less complexity than a Syrah from France, and it has no resemblance to a typical Australian Shiraz.  We make this comparison, so that you don’t have miss-set expectations about this Shiraz.  What you should expect is a very pleasing glass of wine for a very good price.  Wines from Paso Robles and Lodi can be excellent, and this wine is certainly a contender.  Drink it now, don’t wait!

Price: ~$9 – $12