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Beringer Bourbon Barrel Red Blend

Beringer Bourbon Barrel Red Blend

41% Petite Sirah, 21% Syrah, 18% Petit Verdot, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Merlot, 2% Other



Producer Notes

This wine is bursting with aromas of ripe blackberries, roasted hazelnuts, and caramel. With intense concentration bolstered by Petit Verdot, this full-bodied wine has a creamy mouthfeel with ripe tannins and integrated acidity. The lingering finish boasts notes of toasted coconut, violet, and black cherry. 

Beringer Bros. Red Blend is picked at the peak of flavor development from top sites across California and fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. 20% of the wine is aged for 60 days in second-pass charred American Oak barriques which previously held Bourbon.

WineChump Notes

Beringer is well-known for good wine.  This is no exception.  This blend is a great value.  Smooth, seemingly low in alcohol (until you stand up), no bite on the tongue, great nose, you’ll figure out the rest. 

We’ve tried other bourbon barreled wines from several producers, namely the famous bourbon barrel Shiraz blend from our friend Chris Ringland’s R Wines — Southern Belle, a Zinfandel from six producers called Big Six,  and a chewy blend of all sorts of varietals from Cooper & Thief.  We recommend you put all of these in your wine basket and try them side-by-side.  Wouldn’t that make for a fun evening?  Don’t forget to use a Coravin, so you don’t waste that great wine!

Best Price: $12.99
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