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Why Doesn't WineChump Rate Wines that are Bad?

This is a great question!  We don't talk down a wine that we don't like for many reasons.  Outside of the idea that we might be sued, we believe that wine is such a personal thing that it should be celebrated whenever possible.  Besides, who are we to tell my old mother that the pomegranate wine my father used to bottle was really bad?  She liked it — had a glass every night before she went to bed.  And, when we get a room full of winechumps (yes, we number in the thousands), telling another winchump that the wine he really likes is lousy just starts arms a-flailing and the wine a-splashing.  So, there's no good to come of it, as far as we can see.

On a serious note, we believe it's better to spend time talking well about something, than dwelling on the negative side.  There are plenty of sites out there that will tell you all about wine that's not so great.  We're not one of them.

Besides, once we figure out that numbering scale (from something to 100), and the science that separates a Robert Parker 93 from a Wine Spectator 94 and so on, we'll start our own wine rating.  But, for the moment, we hope you'll accept that if we say we liked it, well, it might not be too bad!

Who is WineChump?

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