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Screw Cap or Cork?

The WineChumps are often asked the simple question: do you prefer a screw cap or a cork?  We'll do a poll to see what you think, but for us, we don't care!  As long as what's in the bottle is good, we don't care how it was stoppered!

Purists say that in order for it to be a good wine, the bottle's gotta be corked.  But, that leads to something like one in every ten bottles possibly having a bad cork!  While it does lose a bit of panache when the wine steward grabs the top of the wine bottle, twists and serves (rather than ceremoniously cutting the foil, driving the cork screw, and then artfully pulling the stubborn cork from the neck of the bottle), it only inclines me to leave a bit less tip for the steward (they didn't have to work for it!).  But, then again, purists say we shouldn't be micro-oxygenating wine, either (thank you Mondovino).

We say, "so what?"  If you prefer your wine corked, then buy wine that's been sealed with a cork.  That leaves out plenty of excellent contenders, and it gives the box wines absolutely no chance.  We believe that, over time, corks will go the way of reel-to-reel tapes.  So, enjoy them while they are around.