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Great Fried Chicken

Once, again, my subscription to Cook's Illustrated pays off with a great recipe for fried chicken.  Until now, making fried chicken involved getting in the car and finding a KFC somewhere close to the house.  Although KFC has its merit, my new recipe for making fried chicken at home pays off handsomely.

First, so that I give credit where it's due, the Cook's Illustrated issue is #106.  And, because I tend to make some alterations to recipes I get, what you read here is a bit different from Cook's; however, the basics are unchanged.


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Creamy Gazpacho Andaluz

This is a recipe that I tried from my Cook's Illustrated bi-monthly magazine (number 105).  The secret that makes this a "creamy" soup is the olive oil that you ever-so-slowly drizzle into the blender as you pulverize some of the vegetables.  Sounds good, huh?  Well, believe it or don't, it's great.  The picture is from my first try.  Getting the oil emulsified properly with the vegetables (that blender thing, again) creates a beautiful consistency and base for the chunky vegetables you add both before and when you serve.



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