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Big Six Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel

100% Zinfandel



Producer Notes

Bourbon barrel aged for three months, which adds flavors of vanilla, caramel and oak to the raspberry and spice flavors of Zinfandel. A great accompaniment to all types of barbeque.

WineChump Notes

Big Six isn't a formal winery; or if it is, it's not listed as a "winery" in California.  So, does it really matter?  Fred Franzia (Bronco Wine Company), for example, makes Charles Shaw -- the Trader Joe's private label wine that used to be referred to as "Two Buck Chuck."  Who knew?  Who cares?  Wine snobs, but not us WineChumps!

While I'm bothered by the fact that this isn't a bona fide winery with their own website and all the stuff we WineChumps like to read about their wines, I'm absolutely not bothered by the nose, taste, and finish from this wine.  While others, like the venerable Cooper and Thief Red Wine Blend, kick the proverbial WineChump's ass, this wine is smooth and reminiscent of some of the better wines I sampled in Temecula.


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